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A Song Born of Love.

This song was born from the love, lover and beloved in the form and formless …

This song encompasses a Sufi poem from upper Egypt. The poem was transmitted to me near the mighty Nile river. My teacher received it from a blind Sufi singer, who always sang with pure devotion. The poem may only be bestowed upon one with goodness in their heart. And so it is a great honor for me to carry this message forward to share with you beloved.

Schirin means “sweetness” in Farsi, the language of Persia. As you will read below in this poem, it is about the taste of the sweetness of love. And so I dedicate this song to my beloved who is always by my side.

Be as the old, humble tree

heavy with fruits

bowing lowly to the ground

so many may pick and enjoy

the abundance of fruit

and taste of the sweetness of love.