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'painted sands'(2018)

 10 weeks in the Top 10 World Music Charts(NACC)

 peaking at #4

The Journey

      KAravan Sarai- WORLD MUSIC/ELECTRONIcs & dance ensemble


Silk Road melodies meet electronic grooves and mesmerizing dance. Composer, multi-instrumentalist (Egyptian oud, Turkish saz), and vocalist Narayan Sijan lived on the Silk Road, visiting India, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and more from 1994-2006, learning and performing music with mystics, masters and locals on a shoestring budget. He creates an innovative alchemy of musical storytelling from original compositions and arranged traditional melodies. Schirin Chams-Diba offers a visual feast of sacred temple and traditional dances of the Silk Road, invoking elegant movement traditions of her native Persian lands, the colorful gypsies of India, and the magical power of belly dance. Electronic music is created by two-time GRAMMY nominee producer and programmer Carmen Rizzo whose credits range from Seal, Paul Oakenfold, A.R. Rahman, as well as co-founding the world/electronic act Niyaz. Karavan Sarai's debut album, Woven Landscapes, reached #6 on the CMJ world music charts; their current album Painted Sands has been in the top ten world music charts for 10 weeks peaking at #4. Festival highlights include Symbiosis and Lighting in a Bottle. This evocative visual and sonic journey carries listeners to a nighttime courtyard of a virtual Silk Road inn, the  Karavan Sarai that gave the project its name.



'Painted Sands' (2018), 10 weeks in the Top 10 World Music Charts, peaking at #4.

'Woven Landscapes'  peaked at #6.