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find freedom in sound

Silk Road Electronica


  Karavan SaraI

Discover a timeless flow of inspiration.

Karavan Sarai is a modern-ancient bridge fusing global melodies from the Silk Road with our own unique compositions . Our soundscapes travel from Arabia to India and the Balkans to Persia. Our World Fusion renders the electronics of now with ancient artistry. Listen and you’ll hear the echoes of old world footsteps in our beats and to behold in our dance. We forge ahead where tracks end.

Journey to a Mystical Mirage.

Silk Road Electronica

Psychedelic World Fusion Music (Middle Eastern to Indian) meets lush electronics & beats with mesmerizing dance.

Sufi Fusion to Folkloric Groove.


Narayan Sijan

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I heard the mystical call to ancestral music early in my life. I was born into a family of artists. My childhood dreams were captivated by the East. I was destined for the Valley of the Kings, urged on by the ancestors. My wishing well and penny jar were full. I was soon ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime down the Silk Road.

My dream became a reality.

Profoundly enticed by Gypsy and Sufi sounds whirling in the deserts of India to echoing over the Nile river. I found myself deeply immersed in daily life with mystic musicians descending from the Old Silk Road.

Starry nights in the sand dunes became my home, and musicians gathering around the fire became family. Often living off 100$ a month, stretching my resources thin, for the chance to be held in the arms of true artistry, in those enchanted villages. I found a new home. It was the east.  

My love for music grew like wildfire.

I traveled along the Silk Road Regions learning from true masters of sound. I hunted far and wide to procure and understand special instruments, and melodies, that touched my heart so deeply. I quickly became disciplined in my studies with steadfast studiousness.

My soul’s passion to embody and invoke the magic of this old world music is my guiding light.

I found freedom in sound. My disciplined passion expanded into tremendous freedom in music.

My sound is saturated with the quest to discovery musical authenticity. I now seamlessly link my musical impulses with the heart of ancient rhythms and melodies. Karavan Sarai fully embodies tradition in it’s improvisations and innovations. It is deep fusion.

Karavan Sarai’s soundscape is a global tapestry of sound. The universality of our music is a direct result of my immersion absorbing the timeless cultures of the east.

~ Narayan


Carmen Rizzo


Carmen Rizzo is a two-time Grammy nominee. He is cofounder of the ground breaking word music and electronic act Niyaz, debuting at #1 on Itunes World Music. As a solo artist, he received critical acclaim when USA Today picked his debut album as number one in their fall music guide.

Rizzo is a prolific producer, artist, electronic musician, composer and DJ. He is widely known for his work on Seal’s classic album Seal2. Rizzo is also known for his work with Coldplay, Perry Farrell, Alanis Morissette, Dido, Jem, AR Rahman, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Khaled, Michael Nyman, and Pete Townshend, Paul Oakenfold and Tuvan throat singers Huun Huur Tu.

Carmen works with record producers Trevor Horn, Rob Cavallo, David Foster and Marius De Vries. He has recorded all over the world, from Abbey Road studios (UK) and Studio Plus XXX (Paris) to Record Plant (L.A.) and Studio 301 (Australia), among others.



Schirin Chams Diba

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I dream of a dance that brings the sacred feminine into wholeness. I’m a world dance artist, mystica, yogini and pilgrim of the world. I’ve followed the inner calling of my soul on a lifelong journey of healing, magic and beauty. I’ve been initiated with a deep trust in myself and spirit through immersion in the folkloric, esoteric and healing arts.

I’ve immersed myself in the magic of everyday folklife from my native Persian culture to India and the Middle East to Central Asia. This deep-rooted connection with traditional living is the foundation of my sacred dance, as well as my classical and folk dance embodiments. My dance gives life to the rich tapestry of our universal humanity.

I’ve traveled the world dancing with master teachers of the Silk Road like Shahrazad, Tais, Helia Bandeh and Miriam Peretz. I’m thrilled to be a member of Miriam Peretz’s Nava Dance Collective. I'm also deeply honored to perform with renowned artists like virtuoso Omar Faruk Tekbilek , Stellamara, Beats Antique, Sua Devi (Latcho Drum), Jillina Carlano’s and Bellydance Evolution. I'm blessed to offer performances, and workshops, worldwide to remember, reclaim and redefine the sacred feminine.

 Dance with me Beloved.

~ Schirin



Sonia Ochoa


Sonia Ochoa performs with Karavan Sarai to connect into the expansive freedom, and raw power of the band’s unique approach to fusion. She is currently performing with the band in Egypt.

Sonia is known for her poetic and soulful dance. This mesmerizing danseuse embodies the dynamic dancer who seamlessly moves between passionate flamenco to an elegant, raqs sharqi Egyptian Bellydance.

Sonia is a soloist, principal dancer and choreographer. She danced for eight years with the world-renowned Bellydance Superstars.

Sonia twirls around-the-world dancing at international festivals and teaching at private dance academies. A global artist native to LA, she has performed and instructed dance in over 35 countries.  

Sonia performed at the World Peace Music Awards in Bali and toured with Lollapalooza. She twice received residency at Le Cabaret in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  Highlight residencies include the historical Folies Bergere in Paris, the Teatro Victoria in Barcelona and the Theatre Mohammed V in Rabat Morocco.

Sonia remains a focused and dedicated student in search of greater depth and understanding of dance.  She organically developed her style absorbing subtle nuances of curated dance genres. Soniaochoa.com

Amin Shahin


Amin reigns from a prestigious Ghajr family of musicians from the Nile Delta in Egypt. Ghajr are lovingly called “gypsy” by their fans and admirers.

Amin was raised immersed in a richly lived and embodied life as a performing artist from the beginning. He is a rare master of the ancient Arghoul. This intoxicating instrument may be traced back to pharaonic times as depicted on the walls of third dynasty temples (2,500 BC).

The player uses the technique of circular breathing to produce an uninterrupted sound. Today there are not more than a handfull of skilled Arghoul players in all of Egypt.

Amin is one of the few remaining Arghoul players since the death of Arghoul master, Moustafa Abd Al Aziz in 2001.  Amin’s musicianship calls upon a deep cultural power felt in Karavan Sarai’s sound.

Marshall Bodiker


Marshall Bodiker also heard the call to life of music from a young age growing up in Washington D.C. His passion for percussion has relocated him to Cairo, Egypt. Bodiker is enthralled with Middle Eastern, North African and Turkish musical traditions. Bodiker teaches and performs in conjunction with Sahara Dance Studios and world renown Bellydancer Shahrzad.