Welcome to Karavan Sarai’s Electronic Press Kit

Greetings Beloved,

You’ll find all you require in our EPK to book Karavan Sarai for your festival, venue or parlour gig. We’re rugged and ready to blast your audience with a powerful immersion into our alchemical sound. This is a rare and transformative experience of true mysticism your community will never forget. People are counting on you to deliver an experience of pure inner freedom from the pain of everyday life now more than ever. If you’ve connected with us on this page then we trust our mission is aligned.

Contemporary spiritual world-music of the highest caliber. Incredible production fused with masterful playing. And the tantric interplay of dancer and musician is stunning. The performance exceeded our already high expectations of what Karavan Sarai would bring to the festival.
— Rob Weber, Co-founder & Music Director of Bali Spirit Festival

Band Bio

Karavan Sarai is a modern-ancient bridge fusing global rhythms from the Silk Road. Our soundscapes travel from Arabia to India and the Balkans to Persia. Our World Fusion renders the electronics of now with ancient artistry. Listen and you’ll hear the echoes of old world footsteps in our beats. We forge ahead where tracks end.

Karavan Sarai’s soundscape is a global tapestry. We embody the magic of old world music. Our sound seamlessly links our musical impulses with the heart of ancient rhythms and melodies. Karavan Sarai fully embodies tradition in it’s improvisations and innovations. This is deep fusion.


We believe art is a way of life. We live and breath our sound every single day on our pilgrims journey. Our mission is to viscerally compel our listeners to break free from social conformity. We give our fans a taste of the freedom we embody, thick and through. We do this by living our truth no matter what the road throws our way. We’re alchemists of sound, shifting hearts like the desert sands.


painted sands album cover.jpg

# 4 World Music Charts

We’re honored that Painted Sand’s spent 10 weeks in the Top 10 World Music Charts, peaking at #4

#6 World Music Charts

Woven Sands alchemized the World Music Charts, peaking at #6.



Stream our music on Soundcloud HERE or Spotify HERE.

You can also find us on Bandcamp HERE and iTunes HERE.

Download some of our music with Google Drive HERE.


Download 6 of our best band photos (jpeg, pictured below), and our album covers, with a zip folder (16mb) HERE.



Evocative, easily accessible music which will be of interest to seasoned world music listeners as well as newcomers.
— fRoots
Enjoyable, intelligent ... penetrating and often charming.
— Perceptive Travel
A sensual assault; a tapestry of music and movement that is as restless and seeking as the travelers it evokes. 

— Songlines
Contemporary sonic edge, without compromising the integrity of the traditions they represent.

— Shepherd Express




Ryan Sijan

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